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CYBS is proud to offer Accounting, Taxation & Business Consulting to small and mid-sized businesses operating in a variety of industries, as well as Not-for-profit Organizations.

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Jason Gainesville
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CYBS'S analysis helped me get the funding I needed to start up my company

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Alicia Candenza
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CYBS manages all my taxes and business tax strategies.

Practice Areas

Taxation – Accounting – Business Consulting


Tax Returns, Income Statements, and Balance Sheets as core services. Contact us for additional services we provide to businesses.


CYBS'S analysis will provide information for forecasts, business trends and opportunities for growth.


CYBS interprets your financial data to help you make informed business decisions regarding your company's earnings and expenditures.

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CYBS is a full service accounting firm that provides Accounting, Taxation and Business Consulting to small and mid-sized business operating in a variety of industries, as well as Not-for-profit Organizations. In addition, CYBS provides Income Tax Services and Estate Tax Services for the owners of these businesses, their families, and other unaffiliated individual taxpayers.

Most of the Firm’s clients are located in the New York area and Florida, as well as several states along the Eastern United States.


Marc Rigueur the owner and operator of CYBS Accountants & Tax Specialists (CYBS), a firm that specialize in individual and business Accounting, Taxation and Consulting services. Marc uses his 20 years of experience to assist individuals as well as businesses in dealing with various accounting and tax matters, including Planning, Compliance, Tax Audits, Tax Debt Negotiation and Resolutions. The firm is also involved in consulting, assisting and training clients with Bookkeeping Systems, Accounting Methods and Business Transactions, and Internal Controls.

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Since its founding, CYBS has served the Accounting, Tax and Business Consulting needs of hundreds of Clients in various industries, including Manufacturers, Distributors, Retailers, and Construction.

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With over 15 years of experince, we are committed to providing you with exceptional and affordable financial accounting and tax services.

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We provide information to help your business thrive and guide you to a successful future.

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Starting a business? We can help in getting started the right way.

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