We have expert Professional Accountants and Bookkeepers on staff, and we provide Bookkeeping Services for many of our smaller clients.

Our Professional Bookkeepers speak the language of Bookkeeping, a language as old as civilization.

We provide a Complete Write-up of the Client’s Books and records, including:

  • Posting — Posting of client transactions to a computerized General Ledger System, primarily QuickBooks.
  • Bank Reconciliations — Reconciling all the Client’s bank accounts, including checking, payroll, savings, etc.
  • Payroll Services — Calculating employee salaries and hourly wages to be disbursed by the Client to their own employees.
  • Payroll Taxes –Calculating, preparing and filing of Quarterly and Annual Payroll Tax Returns for Clients.
  • Sales Taxes — Calculating, preparing and filing of Monthly, Quarterly or Annual Sales Tax Returns for Clients engaged in retail businesses.
  • Highway and Fuel Taxes — Calculating, preparing and filing of Quarterly and Annual Highway and Fuel Tax Returns for Clients engaged in shipping.
  • Customized Reports — Prepare Special Periodic Analysis and Reports of the Client’s records, requested by the Client and customized to the Client’s needs.
  • Monthly Trial Balance — Issue to Client, at Month’s end, a Year-to-date Trial Balance, which summarizes all the financial activity for the Client’s business, by account, including Asset, Liabilities and Owners’ Equity Accounts, as well as Revenue, Cost and Expense Accounts.

Our clients choose to use our Professional Bookkeepers, for many reasons:

  • Dollar Savings – Our Bookkeeping Services are substantially less expensive than hiring a full time employee.
    Clients who do not hire a full time Bookkeeper, save not only a full time salary, but also the related employee benefits and payroll taxes.
  • Our Expertise – Each member of our Professional Bookkeeping staff has many years of experience in multiple of industries, and dozens of clients. They have viewed, identified, and reported on most types of bookkeeping errors. They know how to correct and eliminate errors. More importantly, they know how to design and set up methods and procedures to prevent future errors from happening.
  • Time Savings – Our staff works diligently and quickly. They analyze the Client’s financial transactions and post them to the Client’s Books in a process known as a Write-up.
  • Computerized Bookkeeping — Our Professional Bookkeepers are expert in a number of computer programs, including QuickBooks. In fact, they are Registered QuickBooks Advisors, and can assist our clients in setting up QuickBooks on their in-house computers, as well as train them and their staffs in the operation of QuickBooks.
  • Clear Communication – Our Professional Bookkeepers maintain direct open lines of communication with our clients. During the Write-up process, our Bookkeepers alert the Clients of any problems that may have been uncovered, even as they correct them. Upon completion of the Write-up process, our Bookkeepers transmit the results to the Client, and then inform the Client (by telephone, Fax or e-mail) of problems uncovered, and corrective actions taken (with the prior knowledge and approval of Client). Finally the bookkeeper submits to the Client the Current Period and Year-to-date Financial Statements.

The Write-up Defined

The term Write-up harkens back to a time, not so long ago, when a business posted its financial records and transactions in a series of hand written Books of Entry, such as a Sales Journal, a Purchase Journal, a Payroll Journal, a General Journal and many more. The Books of Entry were then summarized in a General Ledger book, which was organized by Account category.

The Bookkeeper then prepared a Trial balance from the General Ledger Account balances. Finally the Accountant would adjust the Trial Balance and would prepare the Financial Statements of the business from the Adjusted Trial Balance.

Today, all these bookkeeping and accounting procedures have been incorporated in Computerized General Ledger Programs.